How the dream began.

How the dream began.

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Like many dreams, it all started once upon a time….


From a young age, I had a love and desire to create skincare. Growing up in a humble household, luxuries like beauty products were scarce, which sparked a fire of resourcefulness and creativity, turning me into a kitchen alchemist. As a teenager, I began crafting skincare from what I could find in our kitchen. My homemade yogurt, oats, and honey mask was a favourite. It felt amazing, but it really looked like someone had just rolled me in yoghurt, drizzled some honey and then flung a handful of oats at my face.


Later, in my early twenties, I discovered aromatherapy, fell in love with plant aromatics, and studied how to blend perfumes. My DIY skincare went up a level. Suddenly that yoghurt facemask didn't smell so 'yoghurty' anymore! – it was yoghurt, but with lavender! 


I have always been a maker and a creative, but I also needed security and to play it 'safe', I pursued a corporate career in banking for nearly two decades. This was for financial stability, which because of my socio-economic background, was very important to me.  I love my corporate job, it has taught me so much about business, but it is high-stress at times, so having a beautiful aromatic bath and using skincare is my escape. It is how I relax and soak away the worries.


In recent times, I studied a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and for the last 3 years, I have immersed myself in that study, I have studied how the skin works, and I have learned how ingredients can benefit the skin. I understand the science of skincare formulation and how science can be combined with botanical ingredients from the natural world to become an amazing professional skincare product.


I started sharing my creations with family and friends and they reported amazing results and exclaimed how beautiful the products were. They loved the aromas and the textures, and how it made them feel. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities, ignited my passion for creating, and fuelled my dream to have a skincare brand.


When I'm in my studio laboratory mixing skincare, I'm truly in my happy place. I love being involved in every step of the skincare process, from sourcing and selecting ingredients to blending and mixing, testing, designing, packaging and all the way through to the final result - a beautiful, handcrafted professional product that's loved and enjoyed and makes people feel beautiful.


The textures and aromas of our products are truly something special, and I love nothing more than covering my skin with them. It's a beautiful and wonderful experience that I'm proud to share.


This makes me happy.



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