Lady Daa Doo is a luxury beauty house creating wondrous, high-performance plant-based bath, body and skincare products.

Meticulously handcrafted

At Lady Daa Doo, we don't just make skincare products, we create handcrafted masterpieces in our artisan skincare studio located in the Hunter Valley.

We carefully select each ingredient and blend them with passion to ensure that every product feels as good as it works on your skin.

It's so fancy - we sometimes formulate in formal wear!

Lady Daa Doo

She's the skincare creative you'll find lounging in the bath, sipping Rosé, and dreaming up the next big thing.  

Lady Daa Doo is a formulator extraordinaire, a leopard print enthusiast, lover of puffy sleeves, and the ultimate bath aficionado, with a passion for creating skincare products that are as unique as the individual using them.

Lady Daa Doo celebrates individuality, encourages using the good stuff, and reminds us that self-care always comes first - especially when it means leaving the laundry for later - much much later.

Nothing comes between a lady and her bath

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Lady Daa Doo

Like many dreams, it all started once upon a time….   From a young age, I had a love and desire to create skincare. Growing up in a humble household,...