Reed Diffuser Tips

 Our reed diffusers are a synergetic blend of premium Australian fragrances and locally sourced essential oils. Each product in the range is hand-poured and aged for three months to harmonise the aromatics. The diffuser features a bevelled glass design with a sleek gold top, that brings an elegant, modern and classic look to the home.  

    What are Reed Diffusers?

    Reed Diffusers are a popular home fragrance choice for those who prefer a continuous aroma without the need for a flame like you'd find with scented candles.

    The essential components of our reed diffuser include:

    1. Fragrance: This is a mixture of Australian-made fragrance and locally sourced essential oils combined with an eco-base solution, creating the diffuser's unique scent.
    2. Reed Sticks: Made from natural rattan, these sticks absorb the fragrance oil and then disperse the scent into the air.
    3. Vessel: The bevelled glass bottle that holds both the fragrance oil and the reed sticks.

    The fragrance journey begins when the reed sticks are placed into the glass vessel, one end submerged in the oil. These reeds have small pores that allow them to absorb the oil and wick it upwards.

    When the oil moves up to the part of the reed exposed to the air, it evaporates, releasing the fragrance molecules into the surrounding space. This allows the reed diffuser to provide a constant and fresh scent.

    Our reed diffusers are designed to last for a long time, typically lasting 4-6 months, though this can vary based on a couple of factors:

    • Reed Count: The number of reeds plays a key role. Using fewer reeds leads to a slower and more subtle diffusion of scent, ideal for smaller spaces or a gentler aroma. On the other hand, adding more reeds accelerates both absorption and diffusion, creating a more pronounced fragrance suitable for larger rooms.
    • Air Circulation: The location of your diffuser relative to airflow can impact. Positioning it near a fan, air conditioner, or open window can cause the reeds to absorb the oil more quickly, which in turn speeds up the release of the fragrance.
    • Exposure to Heat and Sunlight: Be mindful of where your diffuser sits in relation to heat sources and direct sunlight, especially during warmer months. Proximity to heat or sunlight can enhance the rate at which the oil is absorbed and evaporated, leading to a more rapid scent diffusion."

    Location is everything. A spot with good gentle airflow helps disperse the scent, but avoid direct sunlight or heat sources to prolong the life of your diffuser.

    Reeds can get tired too and after the first month, you might notice the scent starting to fade. That’s because dust and other impurities can start to clog up the reed over time, which hinders the fragrance oil from diffusing properly. We suggest replacing your reeds every 2 months to keep the aroma fresh.

    Good Morning Myrtle

    Inspired by fresh starts and new beginnings, Good Morning Myrtle is vibrant like a brilliant sunrise with the uplifting aroma of Lemon Myrtle, Sweet Orange and soft notes of Golden Wattle.

    The Misty Mountains

    The Misty Mountains Bubble Bath Elixir is inspired by the breathtaking Blue Mountains, the aroma is reminiscent of the pristine Australian bush with the uplifting aroma of fresh Eucalyptus combined with Kunzea, Tea Tree and Blue Gum.

    The Rosé Soirée

    The Rosé Soirée is infused with the luscious scent of fresh strawberries, delicate rose, warm vanilla, and spicy cardamom that captures the essence of springtime. It is inspired by laughter-filled afternoons sipping sparkling Rosé with best friends and a celebration of the sweetness of friendship and connection.